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What are Habanero Cordless Heating Tools?

Habanero Cordless Heating Tool is unique, with several attachments to fit you various needs. Whether it’s fixing plastic, soldering wires or heating up shrink tubing.


Habenero Heating Tools has a variety of specialty tips for every task. From the hobbyist to the electronics expert. Our convenient kits are a perfect starting point, with everything you need to get your project going.

Truly Portable

Habenero Heating Tools are powered by Lithium batteries. That means no more looking for an extension cord or refilling with butane. Our tools are portable, high powered, and built to last. Don’t settle for anything less!

Habanero Tools go where YOU need them

Long-lasting charge and robust build quality means that your Habanero Heating Tool will be ready any time, anywhere.

Our Team

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habanero cordless heating tools
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habanero cordless heating tools
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