Habanero Diablo HPRD


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This is a complete kit to do plastic repairs!

Everything has plastic in it these days, and eventually it breaks. When it does, we have all tried and failed at fixing it. This tool allows you to metal stitch the 2 pieces of plastic back together or strengthen them so they won’t break in the first place. With a twist of your wrist, the staple tip comes off and the plastic welding tip spins on, and now we can plastic weld. Did you lose a little piece of plastic? No worries! We can fill that hole! Switch tips, and now we are ready to fill the gap with matching plastic. All of this is included in the kit. The Habanero tool body, hot staple tip, plastic welding tip, and plastic filler tip. All this in a case to keep it handy when you do need it. Wire brush to help prep surfaces. 3 different types of plastic filler rods to ensure a proper match. Multiple types of metal staples are included, as well as metal screening to help fill larger holes.