This is the little brother of the large chisel the HDT-CHISEL. Chisel tips are designed to get the largest surface area on the object to be soldered for the best transfer of heat and this tip delivers almost all the heat in a smaller package and helps conserve battery power. HDT-CHISEL is 21mm shorter at 31mm or just under 1.25 inches. But this tip gets up to 700 degrees Celsius or 1292 degrees Fahrenheit in just 8 seconds. Which means we can solder some pretty serious wires for a longer time just not 4 gauge wire in the wind below zero. This is the workhorse tip for most 12 volt professionals.


Compatible with all HABANERO TOOLS HSD1, HSD2 and HPRD with textured grip to make the quick twist and lock change of the tips quick and painless. This tip comes standard in the HABANERO HSD2 makes a great addition to other kits.