Fine point tip or the HABANERO HDT-FINE is designed for more detailed soldering applications. The HDT-FINE can do circuit board level soldering, solder wires up to 16 gauge and solder wires onto LED strips. It can do all of this quickly because the 50 watt tip can reach 700 degrees celsius or 1292 degrees fahrenheit in just about 8 seconds. Waiting for soldering irons to heat up is a thing of the past with the Habanero Diablo. This tip is quick to temperature but also quick to cool down. The combination of this and the quick change capabilities of the HABANERO TOOLS means you can go from one task to another without having to wait for the tips to cool down before changing. Textured grip so you don’t slip off when changing tips.


The HDT-FINE is a total length of 36mm or just over 1.4 inches and the tips point is 1mm at the point. This tip comes standard in the HABANERO TOOLS HSD2 kit. Get the most out of your HABANERO DIABLO tool and add this to your collection of soldering tips. HABANERO HDT-FINE