Habanero Diablo HSD2


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This is a complete soldering kit. This includes a total of 3 different tips for specific and different applications. This also comes with a heavy-duty carrying case. This helps ensure you don’t lose any parts when you’re done using it. This is everything you need to begin soldering. This kit comes with 1 tool body, which is the key to all the other attachments that can be easily twisted on and off at will. A fine soldering tip, a 90-watt chisel tip, a 50-watt chisel tip, a charging cable, and a tube of solder are all included in this starter kit. The tool body is very light, so you can use it for extended periods of time without fatigue. Also, a dual light on the tool body would make it easier to use in hard-to-see areas. This tool is able to solder wires up to 4 gauge! *This item will ship in less than 14 days.*