Chisel tips are designed to get the largest surface area on the object to be soldered for the best transfer of heat. HABANERO TOOLS has introduced one of the most powerful chisel tips on a battery powered soldering iron. HDT-LG CHISEL is a 100 watt tip capable of temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius or 1382 degrees Fahrenheit. This tip takes a little longer to reach temperature due to its larger size, about 12 seconds. How about a battery powered soldering iron you can solder wires up to 4 gauge……yes I said 4 gauge wire. But this will work outside in the cold and wind for those emergency repairs when nothing else will work the HDT-LG CHISEL will. This tip is included in Habanero HSD1 and Habanero HSD2 kits but can also be used with the Habanero HPRD plastic repair kit as all DIABLO tips are interchangeable. The HDT-LG CHISEL is 52mm long or just over 2 inches long with a textured grip like all of the other DIABLO tips. The chisel tip is 3.5mm wide tapering to 2.8mm. Quick twist and lock changing of the tips is also standard on all HABANERO TOOLS. If you solder bigger wires, do stained glass or just want the biggest badest soldering tip we have the HDT-LG CHISEL is the tip for you