Conical Tip or cone tip (HDT-CONE) is designed to allow you to solder with the entire surface without need of changing the angle to solder wires. While still providing a point to allow detailed pinpoint soldering.
The HDT-CONE is one of the highest powered tips Habanero Tools offers. With 90 watts of power available this tip will heat up to a max temperature of 750 degrees Celsius or 1382 degrees Fahrenheit. It will reach these temperatures in less than 10 seconds. Waiting for soldering irons to heat up is a thing of the past with the Habanero Diablo. In the tip we have a combination of metals to hold the heat longer. This has an advantage when soldering multiple wires and not having to hold the trigger constantly as the start up times to reach soldering temperature happens much faster. The HDT-CONE does all of this while still being a tip that can be changed on the fly like all other Habanero Tools. Quick “twist and Lock” change tips can be done carefully even if the tool is HOT. Textured grip so you don’t slip off when changing tips.
The HDT-CONE is 52mm long or just over 2inches long. The tips width at the point is 2mm. If you are looking for a multi use workhorse tip for your Habanero Diablo HDT-CONE is a perfect choice

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Weight .1 lbs